Fields and Clouds
Red Apple
Fun Crowd
Home on Quarantine
On spending quarantine with relatives.
2nd Graders (Kids Book)
Welcoming Spring
Personal Project
Book Illustration #2
Personal Work. Watercolor
100 Tales
Commissioned by UA: Suspilne Channel.
Garden Story
Personal work. Watercolor
Boston Globe
A land to explore
Personal Work. Inspired by my hometown.
A Guide to Slow Life
Pages from a picture book project. Watercolor.
Dream City
An illustration created for an exhibition from Projector School, held on Arsenal Book Fair.
Il Corriere della Sera - Collection
Various illustrations created for Corriere, Milan.
Days of Summer
On spending summer in the village. Watercolor.
100 Tales: Suspilne TV
More illustrations created for 100 Tales projects for UA: Suspilne
UA:Suspilne TV
Secrets of our house
As You Walk
Pages from a Picture Book Project
Corriere della Sera
To the article about parenthood. Thanks to Claudia Conti!
Urban Reading
Yellow Fields
Personal project inspired by my recent road trip around Ukraine.
World Health Organization / Pregnancy
This project, developed together with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and Be-It Agency is aimed to spread awareness about the harm of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. We wanted to show different organ systems of an unborn child that can be affected by alcohol. The images were hand-drawn on medical scrubs for the media event and further use by 9 famous doctors gynecologists.
Editorial / KLM
Open Up
Poster illustration
Seasons Notebook
I Will Always Write Back
St. Nicholas Day
Poster for IDP Charity Project.
Charity Poster
A charity project aimed to help IDP's from Donbas region.
Various Posters
Various poster projects